Singapore Flyer
World's Largest Observation ferris wheel!

This is one of the attractions that you must visit in Singapore. Reason: It is the largest observation Wheel in the world and it offers a fantastic view of the city (on a clear day, you can even see the neighboring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia).

Of course, if you choose to take the ride in the evening, you will be able to see the beautiful sunset and night view.

In our opinion, the best time to go ride the Singapore Flyer would be in the evening (around 6-7pm). Why? Because that’s the time to enjoy the sunset over the city. For night scene, we have a better suggestion. You can always immerse yourself in the city’s night scene at Marina Bay Sand Sky Park.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit Singapore Flyer:

It’s the world’s largest observation wheel.

As mentioned, it is the world’s largest observation Wheel. For this reason, you should check it out already. At a stunning height of 165m, Singapore Flyer is some 30 meters taller than the famed London Eye. 165m is nearly equivalent to 28 adult Giraffes!

You’ll get to feast on famous local dishes or you can chill out by the waterfront at the Urban Beach Bar
If you are itching to try some local seafood delicacies, you can have it at the Seafood Paradise @ Flyer. This is a popular restaurant among locals and they serve up some signature local dishes like the famous chilli crab, butter crab, cereal prawns and drunken prawns.

Or if you prefer just to chill out, you may do so at Urban Beach Bar - A restaurant and bar that offers alfresco dining options. Guests will be able to enjoy the “makan” (a local colloquialism for dinner) while enjoying the ambience by the waterfront.

What does urban and nature have in common? You’ll know it when you experience it!

At the centre of the atrium is a lush, tropical rainforest. The cascading water displays, streams, rocky outcrops and pond fuse together naturally to offer a wonderful opportunity for photo taking.

Do you want to know how it feels to fly a Jumbo 737 plane?
For the first time in Asia, you can fly a real Boeing 737 simulator at Flight Experience-Singapore’s first real flight simulator. This unique opportunity to fly a real flight simulator – where real pilots use for flight training– lets you experience how more than 20,000 worldwide airports use the same operating procedures as the real airlines. No experience needed!

Ever thought of flying to different cities (Bacelona, Paris, Delhi, Singapore, Washington, etc) in one day?? Here you can! You can choose your preferred city to take off and land. You decide. You are the pilot!

Who else wants to have your toes to be tickled by fishes?
Of course not just to be ticked for its own sake. It’s to let the fish perform its magic and give you a good pedicure for your tired feet. On Level 2 is a fish foot spa – a spa where Doctor Fishes (“Garra Rufa”) work their magic on your feet. These fish, imported from Turkey, have healing properties and will give you a pedicure you will remember for a long time!

Some people insist that they don’t have dead skin. Well, let’s prove it with this activity. The fishes here love dead skin and what you do is just immerse your leg inside the pool and let’s see whether the fishes are attracted to your leg.

Some other interesting info about Flyer:

Did you know that the Flyer has 28 capsules? Each capsule can hold 28 passengers. And the ride takes roughly 28minutes to complete. So why the obsession with the number 28? Well, our guess is that the Flyer bosses probably include some Chinese businessmen. And they are probably Cantonese. In Cantonese, the number 28 sounds like “easy to prosper”. Hence, they like the Flyer to continue prospering….
Also, the Flyer started its operation rotating in an anti-clockwise direction if you are facing to the sea. However, after some geomancer’s advice, it now spins the other way round.

So if you are planning a trip to Singapore, make this attraction a MUST VISIT!

Finally, some important things to know before you visit Singapore Flyer.

Time of operation: 8.30am – 10.30pm daily (including Sunday and Public Holidays)
Cost: $33/Adult, $21/child

How to go: Getting to Singapore Flyer is easy and convenient. You can do so by MRT, taxi, public bus or by car.

Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd
30 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039803

  • By Bus
    You can catch public buses 106, 111 and 133 to Temasek Avenue. Singapore Flyer is just across the road.

  • By Taxi (Cab)
    This is easy. Just tell the taxi-driver Singapore Flyer and they’ll bring you there in a jiffy.

  • By Train (or commonly known as MRT in Singapore)
    Alight at the Promenade Station (Circle Line, CC4). From the station, take a casual stroll (about 5 mins) to Singapore Flyer. (Take Exit A and look out for blue pedestrian signs to Singapore Flyer)

  • By coach (provided by your travel agent)
    This is the best mode of transportation because you don’t have to worry about walking under the hot sun. You’ll be chauffeured to location.
    If you are driving, parking is available opposite the Flyer’s building.